The Art of Digital Mindfulness

We have entered the age of information, it is such an exciting time! I bet you're busier than ever though. In order to thrive in a world that is always on we must make some changes to simplify communication, and manage our tech. We need to become digitally mindful - try some of these to get started. 



Get your zen on before you leave the bedroom! 

Headspace is a great place to start a mindfulness practice - with their 10 day free trail you can set daily reminders to get you into the habit. 

First thing in the morning will set you up for the day! 

Create a mindful morning routine

Don't check your emails, social or texts for the first 30 minutes of the day. After your morning meditation put your phone down and take out your notebook. Spend time planning the kind of day you want to have. Write out 10 things your are grateful for. Schedule something each day that makes your soul happy - write it down. 

If you've time left over a little yoga never hurts! x 


Track your screen time

Digital mindfulness is about putting you in control of your tech! There is a great free app here to help!


Bring your whole self to the party

When your with your friends, family, clients, colleagues leave your phone in your pocket and show up fully for them.  

Stop the constant beeps

Sign out of ALL your social media accounts - or turn off notifications, then schedule 30 minutes to jump on and check in! 

Get cosy up before bed

An hour before your bedtime (it's a great idea to set a nightly bedtime), turn off your phone and start to unwind. No screen time before sleep and if you want a nice sleep, try to read something light - nothing too intellectual or scary.