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Georgie & Me take pride in the solutions we offer and we know that they are the foundations for the future and never a quick-fix. Our focus is on building relationships through results; we co-create solutions in collaboration with our clients.

We go beyond consulting and delivery, and partner with our clients to ensure an engagement is successful as your business grows and changes. Together, we decide the metrics which mean success for the business you have worked so hard to build. We look at the touch points within your company’s overall strategy where we can support you.

Georgie & Me clients


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I attended two workshops run by Georgie at Facebook Gather in January of this year. One on driving innovative thinking and another on productivity. Both workshops were incredibly informative and I took some great nuggets of wisdom back to my team and the wider business.

As a brand marketer working in the creative industry, creative thinking is incredibly important for my role. Also, I’m a big believer in multi-tasking being a myth - so it was great to have this reaffirmed through these workshops.

My overall take-home was the importance of mindfulness and space in the workplace - creating space through focusing on one task at a time and being aware of your distracted brain craving those dopamine fixes from email and your phone! Through creating space we can allow for greater creative thinking and deeper work leading to overall better results. Sometimes less is more.

Georgie is a fantastic speaker, her workshops are both informative and interactive. I would encourage anyone to book this training for their teams.

Zoe O'Connell Head of Brand Marketing @ Chupi

Annika testimonial

Georgie is an absolute delight to speak to and listen to. Her workshop during the Facebook Gather Event in Dublin really inspired me to get started on my own business. We did a few fun exercises that showed how mindfulness is important for leaders to grow and develop. Mindfulness is so important these days and Georgie has the knowledge to show the right way.

She gave me a tip after the workshop on how to get started to read again, as I lost the patience for it some years back. Now I am back to read 1-2 books each week, all around personal growth, psychology, entrepreneurship and leadership. Thank you so much for the tip. It worked like a charm. It is so easy to follow her advice and even remember it months after the workshop.

Georgie has a way of presenting her knowledge in such a light, easy to understand and at the same time fun way, that I was smiling during the whole workshop and taking so many notes. Personally I am hoping I will work a lot more with Georgie in the future and shape projects together. I would love her input on psychological topics and to help each other grow. Her workshop is a golden nugget worth booking. Speak to her and you will see that her communication / presentation skills, as well as her knowledge will be worth your time and money.

Annika Turski Founder @ Deep Blue Consulting

Our training programmes are designed to meet the unique needs of organisation’s culture. Crafting and executing our solutions is one thing, but the future holds a magnitude of change down the line. Some organisations prefer centralised management of leadership programs while others prefer us to manage the process, whichever you choose we will there to support your journey. If you would like to find more about working together get in touch.