A Beginners Guide to Mindfulness

Set aside some time and space. You don’t need a meditation cushion, or any fancy equipment to practice mindfulness - you just need to decide to allow yourself.


Take time to sit. The aim is not quieting the mind, or attempting to stop all your thoughts. The goal is simple: pay attention to the present moment, without judgement.


Take a deep breath in. And out. As you exhale discard stress, worry and anxiousness. 


Let your thoughts come and go. When you notice thoughts arising during your practice, make a mental note of them, and let them pass, try not to engage for long.


Return to observing the breath, or a candle or the present moment as it is. At the beginning of your sitting practice decide what you would like to focus on. Some people like using the breath, whatever you pick mindfulness is the practice of returning, again and again, to the object of your attention. 


Please don't judge or beat yourself up about any of it. Be kind to your wandering mind. Whatever thoughts crop up, gently nod and acknowledge them. As if a friend passing by, let them pass at there own time, don't force them away.