Mindful Leadership Training & Events
Understanding and managing attention is now the single most important determinant of business success.
— Thomas H. Davenport, Harvard University

The Power of Mindful Leadership

What monks, scholars, saints, philosophers, and psychologists have pursued across generations and borders, we’ve taken and applied to the modern day. We’ve kept away from the tie-dye, robes, vows of abstinence, chanting, and cult sign-up sheets.


But the science of it, proven time and time again, we’ve kept. We have combined mindfulness, neuroscience and leadership to create something practical that’s can seamlessly work in our modern organisational culture.


Through genuine passion, positive psychology,Georgie & Me offers a warm, welcoming space where people can learn practical ways to increase their attention, and build, connect, and simply do something good for yourself.

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A Modern Interpretation of Ancient Wisdom.


For us, mindfulness is not just about being calm and happy, it’s about bettering ourselves.

Our bespoke training combines mindfulness techniques with leadership skills, grounded in neuroscience. it gives you resilience to take on the present day corporate way of life while improving performance and wellbeing.

Our focus is on results; creating real solutions to complex workplace challenges. Our programs work on ways to navigate the always-on, information overloaded modern day environment.

Giving you, vitality, purpose, time and energy.

We know when we work on the inside, it’s going to radiate to the outside.


OUR services

Mindful leadership training is the core of what we do. We provide solutions based services for large organisations or small organisations. Whether you’re chasing a happier team, clearer brains, calmer Mondays, or bigger opportunities.

  • Keynote Talks

  • Offsite Team ‘Unplug’ Days

  • Skill Building Mindful Leadership Workshops

  • 6 Week Mindfulness Based Leadership Training Program

 Some of the corporate clients I work with