mindfulness at work

There’s no such thing as

one-size-fits-all when it comes to your mind.

Sure, everyone has one, but not

everyone has yours!

That’s why Georgie & Me has developed a suite of unique myndfulness solutions for corporate use! We train a variety of techniques which help busy, pressurised teams to flourish in a world of distraction. 


Meditation, aka mind-training, is a highly effective means of optimising the brain. It improves the speed and accuracy of our cognitive functions, reduces stress, improves emotional intelligence and brings along with it a myriad of health benefits. 

Instead of looking at meditation as another activity to squeeze into your already full schedule, realise it is simply a technique, to optimize our ancient human mind so that we can perform effectively in modern-day always-on culture.                             

Mindfulness is a personal experience and it can achieve a range of outcomes, depending on who the mind belongs to. Hence the ‘y’ in Myndful is very intentional, playing on the concept of ‘my’. During our training attendees find a customisable approach to their own wellbeing. We will provide you with the tools you need so you can deepen and explore your own practice, your own way.

We training ways to access to a verifiable mental state where the right and left brain work together, allowing maximum creative and problem solving potential, even in extremely demanding situations! We offer more than 30 unique mindset training topics like cultivating mental clarity and enhancing energy management, to step by step discovery sessions on how we generate and capitalize on new ideas.

Experiential Workshops

Our workshops apply directly to your core workplace activities. We work on the areas such as focus and concentration, clear goals and priorities, efficiency and productivity, offering greater mental effectiveness to enhance how work gets done.

High Performance Training Courses

Carried out on or off site over 5, 8 or 10 weeks.  We bring the latest neuroscience training combined with effective workplace techniques and mindfulness practices to improve resilience, cultivate greater wellbeing and bring work-life balance to participants. The core goal of the training is creating a sustainable way to manage difficulties and change, and react to stress enhancing a mindful resilient manner.


Corporate Leadership Retreats

Offsite ‘Unplug’ Days


Our programs help participants to navigate the always-on, information overloaded modern day environment. Getting stressed is not bad for you, it’s normal, however staying stressed is toxic to your health. When the body is in “fight or flight” mode, mental capacity decreases and hence health, happiness and productivity suffer. 

Our senior leadership retreats are designed for leaders who want to enhance their already successful ways of leading. This offsite experience allows maximum creative and problem solving potential, even in extremely demanding situations. Our training ensures participants are fully focused on developing positive, relevant solutions which they can start to use immediately.

As well as mental strategies and workplace techniques we train meditation skills which reduce stress and allows you to perform at the top of your game. A University of Washington study showed that employees who took meditation training were able to stay focused for longer and were less susceptible to distraction showing a 60% increase in productivity.

Contact us to discuss offsite retreats and away days or any of your organisational needs.