A deeper dive


Who is georgie

Georgie learned to meditate as a child and last year marked 20 years of regular practice. In 2015, Georgie completed a masters in digital marketing & data analytics, and left her career in the corporate sales world . She travelled to India to formally study Buddhist meditation, she attended trainings with globally recognised teachers including His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Recently she received the Five Mindfulness Trainings, a vow taken under Thich Nhat Hanh, at Plum Village Zen Buddhist monastery in France. Georgie has learned Transcendental Meditation (T M), and observes a regular Mettā (compassion), and Vipassana (concentration) practice.

A massive advocate of the power of positive psychology, Georgie was part of the Masters in Applied Positive psychology course at in UCC in 2018. She has also completed a Masters Degree in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics in 2015, where she researched the effects of mobile phone addiction (nomophobia). She has trained in Google’s SIY (Search Inside Yourself) Ei and Mindfulness training, and completed Potential Project’s Mindful Leadership Training in New York.

Even after all that meditation she struggles to remember the punch line of a joke! The funny rose tinted glasses are worn because of light sensitivity, and have become part of her commitment to embracing La Vie En Rose!

I’m pretty sure everyone finds it a bit weird talking about themselves, especially in the third person! Sorry about that guys. I do this work because I adore it, it’s rarely feels like work. I have created something which many people have told me it has made their lives better. Georgie & Me was created for YOU - I’d love to discuss how our AIM Training programs can support your business.

MY Commitment

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