8 Mindful Christmas Gift Ideas

8 Mindful Christmas Gift Ideas

In our quest to live more mindfully lets focus our attention on slowing down, spending less and giving more time, energy and affection to ourselves and the people we adore! I have put together two lists - one with some kiddies gift suggestions and the one below with some ideas for your friends, family and even the office Secret Santa. 

So here is a little inspiration to help your list become a little more mindful and meaningful;  

  1. Get creative! Instead of traipsing through the Christmas crowds dedicate a day to creating something. Paint a picture, write a poem, perfect that particular cake you've been threatening to bake and bring it along as your gift. Have fun - reconnect with your inner child!

  2. Seek out crafty local heroes doing their thing! You've probably heard of Chupi or seen her beautiful pink packaging brightening up your insta feed, if not check her stunning jewellery handcrafted in Ireland. It is so beautiful. My lovely friend Sarah at The Hairy Squid makes mealtime much more fun with her quirky hand-painted porcelain. I love seeing brave people putting their work out into the world support them and many more perfect pressies by crafty creators on Etsy.

  3. Spend time. One of the most under-rated gifts you can give to friends and family is your time. Book tickets for a concert or play, arrange a day trip or road trip somewhere off the grid. I visited the all organic eco-tourism adventure spot Rock Farm Slane earlier this year and I highly recommend it!

  4. Re-usables: a stylish shopping bag and reusable coffee cup made from eco-friendly materials can be an soft introduction to the wonderful world of sustainable living.

  5. Re-gifting. This idea is one which can be met with 'shock and horror', however if it is done with intention, it can become a treasure for someone else. Loving select something like your favourite book, wrap carefully with beautiful ribbon and explaining the gift with its story of the role it played in your life.

  6. Support our ethical entrepreneurs. They are changing the world by building awareness about the damage of fast fashion and offering solutions. Om Diva on Drury St, Dublin is a real-world treasure trove; you will find perfect gifts from vintage jewellery to hand-knitted hats. Online retail shopping sellers like the very awesome people at Grown have casual clothes for men and woman and sell gift cards online - the best part is they plant a tree in Ireland for every t-shirt they make.

  7. Book a massage. Check out your local holistic studios and beauty salons for treatments. Massages reduce cortisol by 30 percent while also increasing serotonin levels. Reiki energy healing is like magic for all sorts of ailments. If your not sure what to choose get a voucher. Everyone loves a spa day.

  8. Encourage zen! Check out an annual subscription to headspace, or fill a hamper tailored for the person you love - with items like essential oils, a mindful colouring book, a candle, natural healing products and nourishing foods.

That said the best gift you can give to anyone is being fully present yourself. Make sure you take time to rest, unplug and honour your own needs this Christmas.

Share you thoughts on these and any additional mindful gift ideas in the comments below. 

Wish you a Merry and Mindful Christmas! 


Georgie x 

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Happiness is... A Calm Christmas. Surviving (and thriving) family gatherings.

Happiness is... A Calm Christmas. Surviving (and thriving) family gatherings.

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