But First, Coffee.

Whether you are a productivity hacker or an avid self-love enthusiast you’ve heard about the power of morning routine. Here is a simple happiness plan to upgrade your morning coffee routine!

The Power of Language & The Art of Mindfulness

Each day we get to build our dreams and shape our days by stringing tiny, intriguing little words into beautiful sentences that have the power to come alive. Words change everything! They are an opportunity; they bring hope, and light, and possibility. Words create the story we tell ourselves, and the world, about who we are. Through words we can reinforce our inherent values, through mantra we can soothe our soul and lift our vibration...

8 Mindful Christmas Gift Ideas

In our quest to live more mindfully lets focus our attention on slowing down, spending less and giving more time, energy and affection to ourselves and the people we adore! I have put together two lists - one with some kiddies gift suggestions and the one below with some ideas for your friends, family and even the office Secret Santa. 

So here is a little shopping inspiration with a difference...