Positive Organisational Solutions


We offer a complete portfolio of learning and development solutions which focus on the human aspect of business. Our solutions use neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness combined with strategic business tools. We create unique skill building workshops and longer-term courses which amplify engagement and create a lasting impact for your clients, or staff.

Leadership training

Our powerful training sessions enhance performance, support creativity and help professionals to truly flourish.


The corporate world is moving much faster than ever before, at work 47% of the time we are distracted - our attention is under siege, and it’s time we fought back. Our programmes and proven methodologies are grounded in real-world, first-hand experience of how to enhance high performance while maintaining wellbeing. What neuroscientists, psychologists philosophers and scholars have pursued across generations and borders, we’ve taken and applied to the modern day corporate environment.

Using a combination of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness techniques we have created leadership development training which specialise in maximising focus, creativity and productivity .

Understanding and managing attention is now the single most important determinant of business success in the 21st Century
— Thomas Davenport - Accenture Institute for Strategic Change

Creativity blocks can stifle organisations, change can cause ripples of anxiety and the fast pace of market disruption can become overwhelming.

Organise an insightful and inspirational workshop with Georgie to shift culture and breathe new energy into your workplace or next event.

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